NTT Cybersecurity Talks with Dr. ir Johannes Drooghaag

Cyber security starts with 3 basic steps!

Patrick Schraut – NTT Security:

Especially regarding technology I think the biggest issue is that we are, we were trying to throw technology at everything. So we had a lot of issues, cyber security issues, and what we did we were throwing technology. You know I’m always preaching, I think with technology that we are doing for the last 20 years and just naming three of them: segmentation, Identity Management and patch management. If you would just incorporate these very old and basic security technologies we would get rid of 99% of all attacks. But what we are doing today, we are not doing our homework, we are buying all the latest stuff, all the vendor are there. If you look in the security market , it’s huge and you get new products every day to patch stuff instead of fixing it. And I think that’s one of our issues here.

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CyberSecurityTalks – Part 1