NTT Cybersecurity Talks with Dr. ir Johannes Drooghaag

Cyber Security developments and demand in the Nordics

Fredrik Olsson (NTT Security)

Yeah we see them on all the time, and it’s changing and it goes quite quickly. And I would like to mention shipping and offshore business, especially shipping because we have a long journey with shipping business in the Nordics. It started off that actually we were having against terrorists. Shipping industry were afraid of getting boats hijacked and not by pirates but from an IT perspective. And you can see that changing and that is a quite traditional business. But it’s a long term business in in the shipping industry and now we see that be moving into the IT area of actually really making sure that they are running with a good cybersecurity in the IT but now also on the OT side. Because on the OT side we are now getting connectivity in IT and OT driving, to drive efficiencies and stuff like that. To make sure that that they also develop as a company and also starting to use new technologies to be more efficient and to be part of the new emerging market with the new technology. So it’s really exciting. So we see the change and we see the whole spectrum now and everything coming together. So and that is an interesting fantastic journey for cyber security as well but this need to change little bit about our mindset to drive this.

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