Dr. ir Johannes Drooghaag (JD) is an Executive Consultant in the fields of Process Improvement, Organizational Growth, and Leadership Development, and author of the Spearhead Management Model, which brings a new holistic approach to Organizational Transformation. These transformations can include Agile Business Models, Cybersecurity, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, and Industry 4.0 with (Industrial) Internet of Things, however in the view of Johannes Drooghaag, these are instruments of transformation. Dr. ir Johannes Drooghaag provides Consulting Services based on the JD Business Model, with one honest and straight forward objective: GET THINGS DONE!

Consulting Services by Johannes Drooghaag are humancentric to enable optimal results of technology

Spearhead Management - The Spearhead Management Model (SMM) is a complete package to create transformation from within the organization. Spearheading includes RED TEAM to prevent costs of failure, Agile and Design Thinking to fail fast and transform rapid, Disruptive and Staged Innovation to select the right path, and the good old LEAN principles to eliminate waste.

Blockchain Scoping and Implementation - Blockchain is here to stay, once it is implemented properly that is. Pragmatic blockchain scoping and implementations without silver bullets.

Agile Business Management - Agile Business Management starts at the Executive Leadership Team, without which attempting to be Agile is akin to rearranging the chairs on the Titanic.

Cyber Security Organizational Awareness and Resilience - Technology develops faster than we can keep up with, so do hackers and their tools. Awareness and resilience will continue to make the difference between winning and losing.

Startup Coaching - Most startups have great creative ideas, thrilling energy, and no resources. Let's be creative together and find ways to GET THINGS DONE!

(Interim) Executive Leadership

Business Development

Operations Management and Manufacturing

Dr. Operations Management

Dr. Manufacturing

MBA Executive Leadership

MBA Supply Chain Management

Dr. ir Applied Information Technology

M.Sc. Computer Science

BE Economics

RED TEAM Trainer

Agile Business Coach

Emotional Competence Coach

LEAN Coach


GB Lean Six Sigma

Change Leadership

Program and Project Management

Top Grading People Management

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