Dr. ir Johannes Drooghaag (JD) is an Executive Consultant in the fields of Business Development, Cyber Security, Process Improvement, Organizational Growth, and Leadership Development, and author of the Spearhead Management Model, which brings a new holistic approach to Organizational Transformation.

These transformations can include Agile Business Models, LEAN Management, Cybersecurity, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, and Industry 4.0 with (Industrial) Internet of Things. In the view of Johannes Drooghaag, these are instruments of transformation.

Dr. ir Johannes Drooghaag provides Consulting Services based on the JD Business Model, with one honest and straight forward objective: GET THE RIGHT THINGS DONE THE RIGHT WAYConsulting Services by Johannes Drooghaag are humancentric to enable optimal results of technology and focus on Leadership, Mindset and Soft-skills.

Spearhead Management – The Spearhead Management Model (SMM) is a complete package to create transformation from within the organization. Spearheading includes RED TEAM to prevent costs of failure, Agile and Design Thinking to fail fast and transform rapidly, Disruptive and Staged Innovation to select the right path, and the good old LEAN principles to eliminate waste.

Agile Business Management – Agile Business Management starts at the Executive Leadership Team, without which attempting to be Agile is akin to rearranging the chairs on the Titanic. With the right mindset and toolset, Agile Business Management will increase the pace and efficiency of change without causing disruption of the organization.

LEAN Business Management – LEAN Business Management combines the tools and mindset to eliminate waste with the drive to achieve optimal quality and customer focus.

RED TEAM Business Management – Winning by thinking like the enemy is a proven military concept to continuously find vulnerabilities and weaknesses, and implement the necessary improvements.


PMO and Agile Delivery – The main challenge for most organizations is the unbalance between an Agile Delivery organization and fixed internal and external requirements.

Change Leadership – From plan to execution of change can be a long journey when the stakeholders are not convinced the change is necessary. Embracing WHY and understanding WHAT leads to executing the HOW of change.

Digital Transformation – ‘If you can’t describe what you are doing as a process, you don’t know what you are doing.’ is an adequate quote to describe the challenge for most organizations facing digital transformation, and the main root cause for failed transformation processes. Successful Digital Transformations are based on the willingness to rethink everything and the ability to change processes to become customer focused.

Process Optimizing – Finding the time to optimize processes is in most cases a bigger challenge than the actual optimizing itself. In combination with fear of failure, this keeps most teams from designing, testing and implementing improvements. A combination of Design Thinking, LEAN and Agile principles, and active coaching of the responsible leaders will grow the mindset and skill-set to never stop optimizing.

Organizational Awareness and Resilience – Technology develops faster than we can keep up with, so do hackers and their tools. Awareness and resilience will continue to make the difference between winning and losing.

Risk Assessment and Mitigation Planning – Mitigation of unknown risks is a major challenge, mitigation planning based on outdated risk assessments is a harmful and potentially existence threatening risk. Organizations need to develop the mindset that the Cyber Security job is never done. The answer to the challenge is the acceptance that rigid assessments and planning are not adequate with new attack vectors arriving on a daily basis. Following this Military Leadership Principle in combination with RED TEAM, it is key to master the known factors so the entire team can focus on the unknown factors in case of an attack or breach of security.

Cyber RED TEAM – Most Cyber Security issues are the result of preventable vulnerabilities which were not identified due to the wrong mindset. The military concept RED TEAM develops the right mindset to always find the vulnerabilities by thinking and acting like the enemy, outside of the regular concepts and rules. Just like the hackers and cyber criminals do.


Cyber Crisis Management – ‘Those who fail under pressure have prepared for the good times only.’ is the foundation of the military concept to train for stress situations and prepare to handle those without increasing the already present stress. A cyber incident will happen to every organization and is it critical to be prepared for the situation in which every thing done for cyber security has failed. Our services include the planning and preparation for such situations, including Crisis Communication by Dahl Consulting.


Business Development – Organic or inorganic growth of market and clients, long term and midterm development strategies and execution. From building or improving your organization to hands on execution of Business Development strategies.

Strategic Sales – From preparation to qualification, including tenders, and deal closing. Main focus on DACH region, Fintech, Automotive, Industrial Automation, IoT / Applied IT, Telco.

Funnel Optimizing – Review and optimizing of sales funnels to improve quality and quantity of leads and conversions.

Emotional Competence Coaching – Bringing the mindsets and the skill-sets together in emotional competence. Proven improvement of long term business relationships

Merger & Acquisition – Asking the right questions and analyzing the answers, combined with critical thinking and 30+ years of experience in mergers, acquisitions and disinvestment.

Conflict Mitigation – Not all business relationships go as planned. Before escalations end in the court room, there are always opportunities to mitigate the (potential) conflicts. The outcome might be a measurable action plan or a resolution of the contractual obligations.

Social Media Strategy – Developing the Social Media B2B Marketing strategy that works for you. Bringing your products and services to the right audience.

Campaigns – Social Media B2B Marketing campaigns across all platforms. With a fast growing network of executives and decision makers, I offer various options to reach out to an interactive audience and bring your message to where it matters most. Influencer? No thanks, I spread a message to people who want to be in-the-know.

Event Coverage – Customized event coverage, tailored for your needs and market.

Panelist – Available as panelist on a wide range of topics, including Cyber Security, Privacy, Leadership, Innovation, IoT, Blockchain, Sustainability, and more.

Ambassadorship – I’m a renowned networker both at events and on social media, and am honored to have a high quality network of contacts and engaged followers in my community. As Company or Product Ambassador, I will represent you with engaging conversation and interactions.

Vlogging and Blogging – Vlogs and blogs which are recognized as Top 10 Voice in technical blogging, customized for your market and products.

Got a Minute? – Fast 60 seconds infotainment channel with advertisement options for clients, products and services which match the platform.