Dr. ir Johannes Drooghaag

There are 2 sentences which demonstrate that Digital Transformation is not just about technology. “This is not how we do things” and “we have always done it like this” are the opposite of everything we want and can achieve with Digital Transformation.

When we start on a journey of Digital Transformation, we have to be willing to rethink and relearn everything we have done so far. Customer centric and customer focus are the starting point of that journey. The goal is to offer more value in a market that never rests and never stops changing. Being able to change with that market becomes significantly more feasible when we change our processes and thinking. Smaller steps, shorter processes and a lot of cloud powered workflows that we can adept with every new development in the market.

I specialize in developing the mindset and the skillset to make the Digital Transformation a success, for your organization, your team and your customers. Rethink and relearn by getting the right things done the right way!

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