Dr. ir Johannes Drooghaag

Cyber Security is not a matter of just technology. What is needed is the right mix of technology, skillset and mindset throughout the organization. Cyber Security is also not just an IT-responsibility. Cyber Security should be a shared responsibility that goes far beyond the technical skills of the IT-Department.

Each and every individual can contribute to Cyber Security and each and every individual can pose a significant risk in Cyber Security. And that applies every single day. Vendors, service partners and suppliers are also an integrated part of Cyber Security for every organization and can just as much make or break the Cyber Security stance.

Dr. ir Johannes Drooghaag offers a wide range of consulting services to align mindsets and skillsets with the current Cyber Security threat landscape and has 30 years experience in growing Cyber Resilience all over the world. From small companies to large enterprises, and from high-tech to low-tech.

Our research shows that there is a tremendous gap between what we perceive as Cyber Security threats and what the root causes are. Although we tend to believe that the risks are mainly in flaws of the technology and mistakes by users, the harsh reality is that the majority of Cyber Security risks and issues are caused by configuration and management of the technology we use. I specialize in developing the skillset and the mindset throughout the organization to solve these issues. Get the right things done the right way!

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