Dr. ir Johannes Drooghaag

Convergence of Business Development and Sales

In the 1990s, the then top manager Wisse Dekker defined Business Development as “building bridges to unknown shores”.  On the other hand he defined the Strategic Sales function as “the ability to recognize the need for tickets to cross bridges, even when they are not yet finished”.

Now, 30 years later, the boundaries between Business Development and Strategic Sales have almost completely vanished. Beyond that, Business Development has become an all-round Service Partner for business and clients.

In Digital Transformation, Agile Defines the “Make or Break”

Markets and demands develop more rapidly than ever before, and being Agile can make the difference between growth and decline in a business environment driven by disruption and digital transformation.  Startup and scale-up companies face challenges and opportunities. Lack of decades of track records and references can be a showstopper when not addressed properly.  At the same time executive decision making processes are as tedious as ever before.

Long-term Success Depends on the Right Partner

In close cooperation with my clients, I develop forward-looking solutions that achieve sustainable results.  This is what my broad range of experience stands for.  I provide 30+ years experience in IT related services on many different sides of the table – as buyer, as seller, as strategists and as executive decision maker.  My industry experience includes Fintech, Manufacturing and IT/TelCo.

Strategic Business Development beyond Sales Development

In most organizations the perception of Strategic Business Development is mainly Sales focused. Although mid-term and long-term sales strategies are part of the Strategic Business Development responsibilities, it is just one of the four domains in which Strategic Business Development enables organic organizational growth.

Predominantly, Strategic Business Development enables organizations to grow in alignment with capabilities, obligations and strategic objectives. Working with Dr. ir Johannes (JD) Drooghaag in Strategic Business Development means having a navigation system within the organization that will enable achieving the objectives (destination of your journey) will responding to and managing the required progress of the organization (events during your journey).

I am JD and I love what I do, and so will you!

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