We see new technologies around the Blockchain arising in Fintech, new requirements for Open banking, Shipping industry becoming, connected cars, etc. world is changing. What does it mean for Cybersecurity strategies? Johannes Drooghaag… Fredrik Olsson (NTT Security)… Kai Grunwitz (NTT Security) Stefaan Hinderyckx (Dimension Data)


Single piece flow in a multi-step machining cell leads to batches to avoid changeovers. Not anymore! The industrial automation startup FLEX-FLOW-CELL GmbH, specialized in automotive manufacturing equipment, took the entire process apart, created new controls, sensors and Artificial Intelligence, and the result is a multi-step single piece flow with autonomous in process change over. Currently being

Disruption Disciples

We live in the fascinating age of exponential technologies. Different fields are converging at a rapid pace and value is created at their intersections. As the focus of innovation transcends areas it becomes increasingly abstract, upping the game for all in the accelerated disruption race. The Appetite for Disruption videos by the Disruption Disciples Zurich

The Crypto Roadshow

The birth of blockchain – Where are we now and how do we move forward? A closer look at blockchain innovations and developments. How safe is blockchain really? – We will delve deep into this bold topic and shine a bright light of insight and discussion to discover best practices. Tokenizing digital assets – Practically everything imaginable can

Werdich und Partners

The World Keeps Changing continuously. Long-term entrepreneurial success implies to, not only, respond to change but, even more, adopting to it early by actively shaping change. This requires the necessity for continuous transformation. Amongst the major sorts of change of today’s world are: Digitalization Crisis Politics Also recurring occasions demand transformation such as Company Succession External Growth


Why YP2G? There is a global problem that needs fixing. Young people gain some of these skills and academic qualifications from the education system, however many employability skills are not taught or developed. You may have had years of training doing Maths but how many of you have had lessons every week on Communication, Teamwork,

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