Startup coaching – SKIRREL

Skirrel is a group of ski and snowboard enthusiasts, having over 10 years of experience on the slopes. Hitting the mountain with our friends is always an amazing experience, but we know all too well that practical ways to communicate while underway are almost non-existent. Trying to operate a phone in the freezing cold, while


We see new technologies around the Blockchain arising in Fintech, new requirements for Open banking, Shipping industry becoming, connected cars, etc. world is changing. What does it mean for Cybersecurity strategies? Johannes Drooghaag… Fredrik Olsson (NTT Security)… Kai Grunwitz (NTT Security) Stefaan Hinderyckx (Dimension Data)


Single piece flow in a multi-step machining cell leads to batches to avoid changeovers. Not anymore! The industrial automation startup FLEX-FLOW-CELL GmbH, specialized in automotive manufacturing equipment, took the entire process apart, created new controls, sensors and Artificial Intelligence, and the result is a multi-step single piece flow with autonomous in process change over. Currently being