AWS Manufacturing and Industrial Cloud
Digital Transformation offers a wide range of potential benefits for manufacturing and industrial environments, but it also comes with various challenges. Especially the usage of cloud technology is still frowned upon and the adoption is by far not as natural and smooth as it progresses in office and service settings.

The dependence on connectivity and the fear of outages appear to be the most common reasons for this slow adoption of cloud technology in and around factories. The use cases where cloud technology is used the right show however real benefits!
AWS Manufacturing and Industrial Cloud re:Invent

Especially the ability to offload heavy workloads that run in the background to a cloud environment offers significant cost and energy reductions, and a very important decrease of  upfront investments and IT maintenance costs. Machine Learning adds another layer of cloudcomputing possibilities that allows Manufacturing to learn and improve with unprecedented pace and impact. These examples show that Industrial Cloud is feasible and create valuable improvements. With AWS Cloud WAN, AWS ups the ante even further by creating a fully manageable and secure integration platform for network and AWS building blocks.

AWS re:Invent 2021 provided several examples of use cases where Digital Transformation drives process improvements and waste reduction in Manufacturing and Industrial environments. Learn more with these AWS use cases for Manufacturing and Industrial Cloud, and  the interviews with Jan Metzner, AWS Specialist Solutions Architect Manufacturing.

AWS Manufacturing and Industrial Cloud

AWS offers a growing portfolio of cloudcomputing solutions for manufacturing and industrial environments. With the right choices and mindset, Industrial Cloud is feasible without trying to solve factory challenges with office solutions.

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