All eyes on Storage Solutions for Digital Transformation. IBM FlashSystem 5000 Storage Solution

All eyes on Storage Solutions for Digital Transformation

With Digital Transformation comes a growing responsibility for data and information, and that means that we need rethink our strategy for storage solutions. The first challenge is that we do not know how much data we will process, store, and analyze in the coming 2 or 3 years, but we know for sure that it will be significantly more than the volumes we deal with today. The next challenge is that we will not only store and consume more data, but we will also continue to increase the number of processes that access the data in parallel.

This creates a roadmap for data storage that is driven by growth, and the ability to manage that growth in the future depends on the decisions we make today. Besides rapid growth, we also need to accept that availability of data will become more important for our business. Availability has 2 important dimensions we should consider while deciding on the data storage solution of the future.

Availability of data can of course be directly translated into the reliability of our storage solution. Each and every interruption means that we are not able to use and store data, and that will have direct impact on our ability to execute our business. But availability also relates to the speed and throughput of data. Delays in availability and waiting times have direct influence on the pace of doing business. As the volume of data and the number of processes based on data continue to increase, the capabilities of the data storage solutions will be decisive.

All these aspects mean that we need to select a data storage solution that can manage growth and must be scalable. Scalable to the extend that we must not be restricted by capacity and speed, and not be forced to replace entire parts of our infrastructure by restrictions of the data storage solutions.

IBM FlashSystem 5000 Storage Solutions offer a reliable entry level storage solution platform with enterprise-grade specifications. High reliability, fast and available, and designed to grow with our business demands! Storage Solutions designed for Digital Transformation.

Learn everything you need to know about IBM FlashSystem 5000 Storage Solutions – explained by Dr. ir Johannes Drooghaag

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