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Whitepaper Agile Digital Marketing

Why this Whitepaper on Agile Digital Marketing?

As professional service provider for digital marketing, social media, and business development, I offer various services and products and collaborate with companies and organizations around the globe. But I am also a certified Operational Excellence Consultant and Agile Business Coach, and I am not able to fully keep those competencies separated. In fact, I prefer to mix them.

A challenge a lot of my clients face, and with that so do I, is to measure the impact of Digital Marketing especially in environments where conventional performance indicators of efficiency and effectiveness are applied. In the Agile way of thinking, we have learned to step away from conventional performance measurements, and instead focus on achieving goals. In other words, it does not matter how we achieve our goals because it only matters that we reach our goals.

This whitepaper is plea to introduce and promote the Agile ways into Digital Marketing, which will require a different mindset and approach, but will also allows us to focus again on what we do best. Because let us be honest, we as marketing and business development experts are the ones who can ‘turn ordinary chocolate into exquisite pralines’ as figure of speech. And we can do the same with Digital Marketing. Just differently…

I am JD, I love what I do and so will you. I also do things differently by creating big chances with small changes.


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