3 Crucial Steps For Increasing Business Accessibility

3 Crucial Steps For Increasing Business Accessibility

Accessibility is an essential topic for all businesses to consider. The conclusions you come to may include adding a disability ramp so more people can access your storefront, or perhaps having your website professionally translated into multiple languages so using its interface is easier for many.

But accessibility can also mean trying to unhook some of the preventative obstacles that limit not only those who cannot use your firm, but those who for some reason become dissuaded from doing so.

Making your business more accessible to everyone doesn’t necessarily mean diluting your product or service, but considering measures by which everyone can access the value you offer, and of course, generate revenue for the privilege. 

You can gain some insight regarding that which customers are looking for by providing free, incentivized surveys, or by asking, through a polite form, why those who cancel their accounts with you are doing so. 

The easier and more approachable your business becomes, the more likely you’ll find your first choice outcome. In this post, we hope to help you achieve such a measure going forward. 

Monthly Subscriptions

Allowing your customers to subscribe to your services for an adaptable package can be a great use of your time. Monthly subscriptions can be a great means of collecting small payments instead of long-term purchases, which may inspire customers to try out a month to see what they think.  This is where you get the chance to prove yourself. On top of that, allowing for cancellations at any time (at the end of a billing period), improves the flexibility of what you offer. With capable ecommerce payment processing, you can ensure this billing process is comfortable and properly managed.

Multi-Device Support

Offering multi-device support is a worthwhile use of investment, because app development can ensure so many more potential customers download and use your service. Multi-device support means more than just offering the right form of availability however, but also ensuring that aspect ratios, text alignments, images and your product or service addons are fully viewable, adaptable, and can be accessed as necessary. Multi-device support could help you become the first choice for customers who may not sit at desktop computers except when working. Around 60% of people use their smartphones as their main means of interacting with the internet, and so positioning yourself in that space, easy to use among the competition, is a great idea.

Service & Software Integrations

From time to time, connecting with other services or provisions can help customers better use your platform as they’d like to, rather than as you’d like to. For example, think of how Spotify and other streaming services will make certain their app is available in cars, on mobile phones, and more. But more than device support, they’ll also work with other brands. Headspace, a meditation app, granted free months of their premium service to Spotify users, to continue this example. As such, thousands upon thousands more people became aware of this service and what it had to offer, which allowed for a means of penetrating into a market space that wasn’t available before.  So, considering what opportunities lay here may inject your business with further accessibility and potential.

With this advice, you’re sure to increase business accessibility in the best way, because Accessibility is an essential topic for all businesses to consider!

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